Our Story
Rangoli was opened in 2000, by sisters Rashmi Rughani and Varsha Makhecha. Joined by Chef Gill, the dream of owning a restaurant became a reality. With help from their husbands and business partners, Jagdish and Amit, the restaurant grew to include Catering Services, On-site Banquet Facility, and Rangoli Express (which opened in 2006.)

Rangoli (run-goalee) are a traditional folk art of India used to decorate homes, places of worship and sometimes eating establishments as well. They are used as a way to welcome the Divine but, also guests, a philosophy that we strive to convey every visit to our customers. This theme carries over to the beautiful rangoli-inspired paintings on our walls and into the presentation of food and beverages, using different colors and arrangements.

The paintings in our restaurant are the work of noted Indian artist Dr. Dinesh Sharma, the former Head of Fine Arts department at the University of Meerut-Uttar Pradesh.